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Something a little different for me, fine liner and watercolour.


Yesterday was another very sunny day, we even had a lovely BBQ after spending the day doing some gardening.

I decided to to some painting in the evening as my creative thing;


And now I’m off to enjoy the sun. Again.

It surely can’t last much longer…right?

Finished wee project.

Inspired by the sand dunes at Kinshaldy Beach/Tentsmuir Forest, Fife, Scotland.



A stormy painting inspired by all the rain we (Scotland, specifically Fife) have been having this past few days.

On Tuesday I started a few paintings and made a nice wee beaded necklace.

The paintings are still in progress.


Yesterday I finished off a painting I started a week or so ago, it’s nice enough.


I’m now trying to decide what todays creative activity will be. Hmm.

Every year some time in the week after Christmas my dads side of the family go on a trip to the beach together, despite the freezing weather. We all head out to Kinshaldy beach (next to Tentsmuir Forest in Fife) and go a long walk along the beach, fulled by hot soup and tea. Afterwards we go back to my grandparents house to warm up, spend some more time together  and usually order take away food.

This year my youngest cousin spent most of the walk gathering shells which I helped her wash at our grandparents house, afterwards she very kindly presented me with her favorite shell in thanks for my help.

The shell has sat on a shelf since the end of December.

I’ve been spending a lot more time with my youngest cousin recently, she’s very clever and sweet. She talks a lot about how much she enjoys gathering shells, she often brings out her collection to show me and offers to share them with me.

Yesterday I decided to take the shell down from the shelf and add it to a wee necklace as a gift for her.

I think she’ll like it.

I went a lovely walk at the beach yesterday with Charlie and the parents. I decided to take a few photo’s and have that be my “creative thing” of the day. The walk was really nice though a little chilly.







Charlie loves the beach and it’s always useful to have her jacket on when we go, so she doesn’t disappear amidst the sand.

Here are some pictures of todays paintings.

Though according to the clock its now twenty minutes into tomorrow.

But anyway these were my ‘creative thing of the day’.

Some more paintings based on stormy seas, arranged in a few different ways.




The white central design is meant to be a ships wheel, or at least based on one. I also really love the many different colours of the sea so I tried to capture a few of my favorites here.

I prefer to photograph things, especially paintings, in natural light. So, when I choose to paint as my daily creative activity, there will likely be a days delay in sharing pictures of what I’ve been up to. It tends to be late evening by the time I’m finished.

So, here are last nights paintings;


I really liked the oil rig painting I did the other day and wanted to try somethings similar.

I decided that I wanted a clear dominant colour for each painting and I think it worked quite well.

I love the thought of beacons of light especially amidst stormy waters, I think its definitely a theme I want to revisit in later paintings.


Yesterday I made some sea glass pendants with glass I gathered as I thought it would a nice change after all the painting I’ve been doing.

It was a nice change. But I decided to do some more painting anyway. Just a wee bit.

So here’s yesterdays painting;

I like it. I like storms at the moment, especially the dark skies and strange lighting. Though I was less impressed at being caught in a downpour earlier, thankfully Scottish weather is unpredictable enough that soon after I was dried by brilliant sunshine. (I’m really glad I missed getting caught in the several hail storms that followed.)

Whilst I’m on the topic of painting and my wee paintings I think I’ll put up a few more pictures.

(I don’t think this one has photographed very well, the colours haven’t come out quite right. Hmm.)

I’m not really sure if I have a favorite. I think I enjoyed painting them all so much it’s difficult to look at them objectively. Thoughts anyone?

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