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In the wake of some less successful watercolour experiments I’ve spent a bit less time than usual on my arty projects, only really making some cards for various family birthdays.

On and off I have been working on some fineliner drawings, I’ll likely finish them with watercolour paints but I haven’t quite made the leap yet.

The first is another harbour type scene since I really liked the general idea last time.

Harbour Ink


And the other is a stormy scene inspired by the wonderful work of childrens illustrator Il Sung Na. (http://www.ilsungna.com/home.htm)

Ink for Storm


I’ve moved on from robots, now it’s all about dinosaurs.

Well maybe not alll about dinosaurs but they are definitely a favorite for my creative projects just now.


Once again I’m off to enjoy the rare Scottish sunshine!

I’ve still been playing with pens.

Also I’ve been playing with paint.

It’s fun.

Most of my creative time the past couple of days has been spent mucking about with pens.

Here’s two wee examples of what I’ve been up to;

It’s a nice change from painting etc.

Today I decided just to do a quick sketch of the family pet.

She’s a very lazy and laid back whippet.

Meet Charlie.

And her sketchy counterpart.

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