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Recently lots of my paintings and other creative projects have been a bit brighter and child friendly, lots of robots, dinosaurs, coloured beads, fun things. They are fun to create and I guess it reflects whats on my mind just now. I’ve been spending lots of time with my lovely wee cousin. She’s six, she’s fun. She likes beads and flowers and robots and dinosaurs. She is waiting very patiently for her new little brother to be born and we’re all hoping he’ll be healthy.

I like brightening her day with my creations.



That’s what it seems like anyway, three days of sunshine and warmth in a row? In Scotland? This time last week there were sudden downpours and  hailstones bouncing everywhere.

Anyway, here’s two paintings I completed yesterday;

Another friendly dinosaur to go with the one I posted yesterday.

And a bit of abstract fun.

I’ve moved on from robots, now it’s all about dinosaurs.

Well maybe not alll about dinosaurs but they are definitely a favorite for my creative projects just now.


Once again I’m off to enjoy the rare Scottish sunshine!

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