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I now have a little of my wire work on display in a local cafe. Which is pretty cool.

I spent a while on Friday setting out some of my creations in one of the display cabinets at the lovely Fresh Coffee Shop (Dunfermline). It’s a fantastic and very friendly cafe, well worth a visit if you’re local.

Here’s a few wee pictures of how it turned out:

Cafe Fresh Display

Cafe Fresh Display 2

Cafe Fresh3

I’m quite glad its all set up now, this week has been a wire week and I’ve been itching to get the paints back out again for another wee play.


Here’s a picture of the two paintings I completed while I was away.

The photo isn’t great, no natural light.

One is inspired by the plumage of a peacock and the other is a Scottish inspired landscape.

Busy busy today.

Some space invaders-y paintings;


On Tuesday I started a few paintings and made a nice wee beaded necklace.

The paintings are still in progress.


Yesterday I finished off a painting I started a week or so ago, it’s nice enough.


I’m now trying to decide what todays creative activity will be. Hmm.

I did try to have a break from painting yesterday, but it was the weekend. You’re meant to try relax a bit a the weekend and do things you enjoy, so I did another painting.

The weather was lovely again (though a bit chilly) so I painted another wee bird in honor of spring.

He’s a lovely little great tit, and it is definitely my favorite painting so far. I think he looks like a cheeky wee character.

I tried to have another break from painting yesterday so I spent some time making another wire bird decorative hanger.

I think he’s quite sweet.

I like the cool colours as well as his icey eye bead.


(though he does get a little lost against the berberis bush)


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