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For Christmas I gave out lots of arty/crafty gifts.

Here’s a wee photie of the goldfinch I painted for my grandparents. They often see goldfinches in their garden and are quite attached to the wee birdies.

European Goldfinch


Yesterdays projects;

Really, they are every where, so noisy too. Not that that’s a bad thing.

I’ve been painting again, some bird silhouettes, it’s been really helpful them flitting around in the sun. Lots of inspiration and useful examples.

I also snapped a quick picture of Charlie and her wee pal relaxing in the sunshine.

They don’t like being outside unless they have human company but still want to lie in the sun, this half in half out solution seems to work quite well.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday, so I just finished off a painting I had been working on previously.

He is a pretty delicate looking white wagtail.

My creative project yesterday was a necklace, it was fun to make, and nice because I could switch off a bit.

That was the original necklace, but after making one I couldn’t help making another.

And after all the fun of making the necklaces I couldn’t help doing another wee painting.

I did try to have a break from painting yesterday, but it was the weekend. You’re meant to try relax a bit a the weekend and do things you enjoy, so I did another painting.

The weather was lovely again (though a bit chilly) so I painted another wee bird in honor of spring.

He’s a lovely little great tit, and it is definitely my favorite painting so far. I think he looks like a cheeky wee character.

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