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I’m not really used to painting with watercolours, I worked with them a bit in high school but that was really it.

Recently I thought I’d give them another go, here’s the result:

Harry the horse


Yesterdays projects;

Really, they are every where, so noisy too. Not that that’s a bad thing.

I’ve been painting again, some bird silhouettes, it’s been really helpful them flitting around in the sun. Lots of inspiration and useful examples.

I also snapped a quick picture of Charlie and her wee pal relaxing in the sunshine.

They don’t like being outside unless they have human company but still want to lie in the sun, this half in half out solution seems to work quite well.

I’ve still been playing with pens.

Also I’ve been playing with paint.

It’s fun.

Yesterday I made two necklaces.


I prefer the second, though maybe Charlies excellent modelling influenced me.

A rather nasty migraine yesterday kept me away from my trusty laptop all day, so here is the post I intended to write.

On Monday – taking advantage of the bank holiday – I went a wee trip up to Dundee with the parents, followed by a jaunt to Newport-on-Tay and a short adventure out to Balmerino Abbey. It was nice enough, the weather wasn’t always ideal but that’s to be expected from Scottish weather. I decided to take a few pictures at the Abbey as my” creative thingy of the day”. So, here they are.

I’d like to visit again with my other camera when the weather is better.

On the way home I stopped to take a picture of this guy, he seemed a friendly sort.

Yesterday I made a simple cord necklace as a birthday gift for my lovely aunt.

I am not sure exactly how pleased she was to hear I used Charlie as a model to judge the lengths.

I think she liked it anyway.

Charlie certainly did.

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