I’ve been doing some arty crafty things for a while (making beaded jewellery, doing some wire sculpture and the occasional watercolor) but I’ve been out of the habit a bit.

The other day after a chat with someone I painted a wee water colour for and she was telling me how much she loved it and appreciated it, which was nice, but It made me realize that all the paintings I had done since I left high school (a wee while ago now) were gifts for other people. It’s nice creating things for others, but I really wanted to do something just for me. Painting for enjoyment alone.

So I decided to have a go at painting with acrylics, I hadn’t used acrylics before and I thought it would be nice to have a play with them.

This is the first wee painting I did, I wanted to play about with colours a bit and get used to the paints. After I did another few paintings and had some much better results.

I really really enjoyed being creative and knowing that it was purely for me and my own benefit. It’s also a really good opportunity to think and relax.

I eventually decided that I wanted to redo my first painting, changing some colours and repainting the elements I wasn’t entirely happy with.

So the final painting ended up like so;

I’m much happier with it now. It’s not great but I think its kind of sweet. Or bonny.