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I did try to have a break from painting yesterday, but it was the weekend. You’re meant to try relax a bit a the weekend and do things you enjoy, so I did another painting.

The weather was lovely again (though a bit chilly) so I painted another wee bird in honor of spring.

He’s a lovely little great tit, and it is definitely my favorite painting so far. I think he looks like a cheeky wee character.


I tried to have another break from painting yesterday so I spent some time making another wire bird decorative hanger.

I think he’s quite sweet.

I like the cool colours as well as his icey eye bead.


(though he does get a little lost against the berberis bush)


It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Scotland.

Bright and warm.

I’ve been enjoying watching all the wee birds flitting about, they’re like perfect little ambassadors for spring.

I think I’ll do a few more bird paintings over the next few days. They look so sweet and delicate.

Here are some pictures of todays paintings.

Though according to the clock its now twenty minutes into tomorrow.

But anyway these were my ‘creative thing of the day’.

Some more paintings based on stormy seas, arranged in a few different ways.




The white central design is meant to be a ships wheel, or at least based on one. I also really love the many different colours of the sea so I tried to capture a few of my favorites here.

Yesterday was a depressingly rainy day. I don’t mind rain but I’m not so keen on the constant greyness.

Anyway, here’s yesterdays painting;

I also made a simple wee bracelet for a friend, to match a necklace of hers.

Today I decided just to do a quick sketch of the family pet.

She’s a very lazy and laid back whippet.

Meet Charlie.

And her sketchy counterpart.

I made a wee hanging wire bird as my creative project of the day.

I’ve made a lot of these before in different variations, as well as wire elephants, dragonflies and other decorations.


I often spend time making them as an activity to keep my hands busy and distract me when I’m having frequent migraines. I still enjoy making them, despite the migraine association.

I’d like to try making some different wire sculptures, any suggestions?

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